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Mono Joe


Monojoe is online-based kids and ladies fashion boutique inspired by a love for quality, safety, fashion and individual style.  We aim to provide you with a boutique shopping experience by offering a unique collection of affordable fashion pieces. We love and appreciate both classically cut and on-trend garments so we give our customers the best of both worlds! For our beloved little ones, we specifically pick up comfortable and safe cotton fabric styles. Hazard free for kids, peace of mind for parents. 
In 2019, we have our talented graphic designer Barry joint to Monojoe team! There will be a lot of fun artworks shown on our garments for both kids and mums. Keep eyes on our most updated series of design, you will love it!
Monojoe is also happy to cooperate with other amazing brands to build a one-stop shopping website. We will soon introduce kids’ loafers and kids’ safe make-up products. If you are a fashion brand or running a children-safe product line, please contact us at to discuss further details. 
We are committed to offering you the highest standards of customer service and the most important, quality and gorgeous products that you will treasure and love!



Nowadays, the rise of each brand, in addition to the material and production methods of the clothing itself as the core competitiveness of Mono joe, designs and styles will be further developed. In 2019, Barry, a designer with 13 years of design experience, joined Mono joe's team to create the Mono joe brand's own design capabilities, hand-painted and designed a new series of patterns. Let your baby, children not only enjoy the safest and most comfortable clothing, but also walk in the front line of the trend.

Mono joe has a number of product lines, you can choose the right product according to your own needs, organic cotton series to bring you the most comfortable and safe enjoyment; Made in Australia gives you the most cost-effective choice; Instyle will be the most fashionable INS class Net red trend products are available to you; CO.Mono collects other brands to provide you with more comprehensive life needs!

Thank you for your interest in Mono joe, your needs are our way forward.



In order to further care for your child and your skin, we use a unique way of making labels.
Most of the clothing on the market (regardless of adults, babies, children and adults) is designed to compromise the appearance and shape of the garment, and the basic information printed on the label is sewn inside the garment (collar or waist). Although the design guarantees the integrity of the shape of the garment, it affects its comfort, especially for delicate baby babies and children. These harder clothing marks rub and rub against the skin causing comfort and skin safety. Even if you cut them off, some of the remaining marks will have sharp parts that will affect your wearing comfort. In order to avoid such a situation, we use a special design to manually press the garment label on the outside of the garment to ensure its softness and fit inside. In addition, in order not to affect the looking of the cloth, we have adopted a special process for sewing the label. This process allows you to easily remove them without using any tools. Just hold the label by hand and gently peel it off along the dotted line of the label. It does not affect the comfort of the garment, but also the appearance of the garment.
We take into account the clothing itself in detail for every issue that is positive for the child.

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